PRN Hotels Pvt. Ltd

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Introducing PRN Hotels Pvt. Ltd. - Where Hospitality Meets Convenience

PRN Hotels Pvt. Ltd. makes its mark in the world of hospitality with Travel Inn, a charming boutique hotel ideally situated on National Highway 4, a bustling thoroughfare connecting Pune to Bangalore. Located adjacent to the S.D.M. Dental College, Travel Inn enjoys a strategic location approximately 6 kilometers from Dharwad city and 14 kilometers from Hubli city.

Our prime location offers easy accessibility for travelers, as both Dharwad and Hubli are well-connected hubs with robust rail, road, and air transportation networks to major cities and regions. Whether you're on a business trip, exploring the local culture, or simply passing through, Travel Inn provides a comfortable and convenient haven for your stay.

Managed by Aroma Hospitality and proudly owned by the PRN Group, we bring the ethos of excellence and dedication to our hospitality services.

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$45 million
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July 1, 2021